Public Screening

 There are several options for your patrons to screen videos in your library...

A Short Guide to Screening Video Media in Your Library

Audio Ciné Inc. provides public performance licences in Canada for many mainstream films.
NLLS provides members with the opportunity to sign on for a group discount public performance licence.
Please contact Terri at NLLS if you wish to join.


Criterion Pictures Canada is another company that provides public performance licences.
NLLS does not have a group discount with Criterion, but individual libraries may choose to purchase one on their own.

REEL CANADA is a non-profit organization that celebrates Canada through film by setting up screenings all over Canada on National Canadian Film Day, April 17, 2019. Many of these screenings can be held at limited or no cost to your library. If your library is interested in participating in NCFD, please contact REEL CANADA to choose films, and then fill in the form to make the request through NLLS.

The Indigenous Film Programme provides screenings of Indigenous films throughout the year. Please contact REEL CANADA to select your films and then fill in the form to make the request through NLLS.

REEL CANADA Full Catalogue          REEL CANADA Indigenous Film Programme

“Let’s Talk About Reconciliation”
Film Screening and Discussion Events

The Canadian Commission for UNESCO, in partnership with the Indigenous Matters Committee of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations, the National Film Board of Canada, the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and Library and Archives Canada, are working in collaboration with libraries to "help build bridges and strengthen the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples".

Libraries will have access to NFB films at no cost. A list of suitable films will be provided. Promotion of each event through the National Committee is an option. One of the most important elements of this process is guidance and knowledge from the Indigenous community. 

The following three steps should help you start planning your event:
- Reach out to your Indigenous community and to an Elder to establish the collaboration in the first planning stages
- Select a film in collaboration with the community and Elder
- Propose a date

Starter Guide for Libraries

If you are interested in including "reconciliation" as part of your library programming or if you would like to become involved in an event, please contact a Public Service Consultant.